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$1.899 MSRP

BERNINA 350 SE Best Friend: smart and versatile

A truly unique sewing experience
A BERNINA has always been something special – now it’s also something unique. It sets new design standards with the Best Friends faceplate. So treat yourself to legendary stitch precision and high performance sewing while treating a Best Friend. Standard accessories include the large slide-on extension table, the practical Free-Hand System (FHS) with presser-foot lifter, the walking foot, a free-motion quilting foot, and a patchwork foot. A powerful DC motor sets you up for success no matter the fabric thickness or weight. Lots of decorative stitches and 2 alphabets provide plenty of creative resources built-in plus the ability to work with BERNINA’s wide array of presser feet and attachments make it a machine that grows with you as your creative needs grow.

BERNINA Free Hand System

Offering ambitious sewers and quilters an amazing range of functions, the BERNINA 350 SE Best Friend will thrill you with its many innovative features. The 350 SE Best Friend’s ease of handling makes working with it a genuine pleasure, and allows even beginning sewers to produce precise, high-quality sewing projects. One of its cleverest features is the BERNINA Free Hand System (FHS), which ensures greater efficiency when sewing. Thanks to the BERNINA 350 SE Best Friend’s FHS knee lever, you can leave your hands on your project while you raise the presser foot and lower the feed-dog. This outstanding functionality is a genuine technical highlight allowing you more control over your fabric, especially when turning your project: your hands remain free to guide the fabric accurately and reliably, thereby preventing accidental slipping of the fabric when the presser foot is raised.

Precision Buttonholes – Over & Over

Sew buttonholes with accuracy with the Automatic Buttonhole foot. Program the buttonhole length and confidently add multiple buttonholes the same size throughout the project. Not only accurate, but beautifully formed buttonholes, too, with consistently stitched buttonhole sides because they are stitched in the same direction. New and seasoned sewers will appreciate the accuracy and ease at which buttonholes are sewn. Select from 2 styles of buttonholes to embellish your projects.

191 Stitches for every situation

One of the most compelling considerations in favor of the BERNINA 350 SE Best Friend is its extensive stitch library: 85 pre-programmed stitches, making the 350 SE Best Friend a versatile precision tool. The direct-selection buttons and modern, bright LCD display allow you to switch between different stitch patterns in a matter of seconds. With 20 utility stitches, two buttonhole styles, 52 decorative stitches, and 11 quilting stitches, the BERNINA 350 SE Best Friend is an outstanding choice for everyday mending jobs and alterations, as well as creative sewing and quilting. The simple, intuitive handling, first-class functionality, and solid construction of the BERNINA 350 SE Best Friend ensure that you will continue to enjoy working with this machine for a long time to come – even when you make the transition from simple to more demanding projects.

Extension table for larger work area

The BERNINA 350 SE Best Friend counts among its features a free-arm extension table enabling you to increase your work area quickly, affording you greater ease when sewing, and allowing for optimum control in guiding your project. Together with the bright LED sewing light, this provides you with the perfect view of your project. Large-format projects in particular can be handled effortlessly – and once you are done, remove the BERNINA 350 SE Best Friend’s extension table with the push of a button to return to freearm sewing.

Benefits of a DC motor

The benefits of a DC motor is uninterrupted power to the needle no matter the task – it doesn’t slow down to go over thicknesses, it maintains the power to go through.

Full shank BERNINA presser feet

The advantage to full shank presser feet is that one piece feet eliminate vibration in the foot caused at the joint or place of attachment. Reduced vibration produces a better stitch.