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Log Cabin Ties Class

Learn to piece a log cabin block using traditional cotton strips, men's ties or a combination of both. You can choose to make your project with 4 or 6 inch blocks.  
**If necessary, a pre-class tie cutting session may be scheduled at no extra charge and will be determined by instructor.

-12 different medium to dark ties/fabrics for your dark logs (may use Fat Quarters or 1/4 yd each). Use small/medium scaled prints, plaids, geometrics, etc.  Large multicolored prints will confuse the eye when cut up and sewn together.
-You may duplicate this for your light logs or bring 1 yard of a single light fabric.
***If using ties, bring at least 2 dozen washed, prepared and cut as instructed (see requirements)

-Sewing machine in good working order
-Basic sewing supplies
-Fabric scissors and paper scissors
-Rotary cutter, ruler,  cutting matt
-Iron & pressing surface

Skill Level:
TIPS ON WORKING WITH TIES: WASHING: CAUTION!!!! Red dye in silk is UNSTABLE! Please wash these ties by hand in cold water. Be observant when looking for red in a silk tie. The color may be a pin dot in the middle of a symmetrical print that will run all over your, basically, pale yellow tie. Too bad. Lights are hard to come by! All other ties I throw in with the regular wash and on to the dryer (except wool). I don't recommend washing a whole load of just ties! You'll spend half a day untangling them from the agitator. DISASSEMBLY: Expensive ties are hand sewn with a single strand of silk thread. Remove label and save. Pop the knots at each end and pull. Discard inner filling material. Many ties appear to be hand sewn with a slip stitch, but if you pull the "right" thread, the entire seam will unravel. I can"t tell you how to find this stitch, but I know it when I see it. Just keep picking at stitches to find the one that will unravel. Save label and discard filling. CUTTING: I save both lined ends of ties. Cut off both ends where the lining stops. Fold remaining tie in half lengthwise, the wide end on bottom and the skinny end on top. Line up ruler on fold and establish one long straight edge. Cut. -For the 4" block cut 1 1/8" strips the length of the tie. -For the 6" block cut 1 3/8" strips the length of the tie. -Don't worry about stains, worn areas, seams, etc. We'll work around them. -Please cut ties before coming to class! If using cotton strips, you may wait until class to cut.
Instructor Name:
Judy Holley

Log Cabin Ties Class

$ 60.00
Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 10:30 am to 4:30 pm
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