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Madeira Hem Bonnet

From the Madeira hem technique taught in this class, you will make a bonnet.  The hem technique can be used on hemlines, bonnets, jackets and much more.

Supply List:
-Sewing machine in good working order (cleaned and no operational problems)
-General purpose foot
-Open toe foot (recommended not required)
-Water soluble marking pen (Mark b Gone recommended)
-Straight pins
-One safety pin
-Hand sewing needle
-1 (size 70/10 sewing machine needle
-1 (size 100/16 sewing machine needle
-**If your machines doesn't have a pin stitch or blanket stitch stitch option you will need a double needle with wing size 130/705H 2,5 100
-60 weight thread
-80 weight thread
-2 bobbins-one with 60 weight  thread and one with 80 weight thread
-Travel iron/ironing surface is helpful but not necessary
Skill Level:
Skill Details:
You must be familiar with the basic operation of your sewing machine and have basic sewing knowledge. In addition to the class fee, you will need to purchase a kit from MSS. A minimum of 8 students is necessary in order to have this class. In the event the minimum is not met for whatever reason the class will be cancelled or rescheduled.
Instructor Name:
Veronica Granier

Madeira Hem Bonnet

$ 60.00
Mon, Dec 12, 2022 at 10:30 am to 1:00 pm
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